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1. Jojila Pass connect between which places?
Ans. Leh and Kargil

2. When did Demonetization take place in India?
Ans. 2016

3. Big Bang Theory was given by?
Ans. George Lemaitre

4. Who is Goa Chief Minister?
Ans. Pramod Sawanth

5. How many bites are there in 1kb?
Ans. 1024 Bytes

6. Name of bridge which is located between Assam and Arunachal Pradesh?
Ans. Bogibeel

7. Governor of Telangana?
Ans. Tamilisai Soundararajan

8. Who was the founder of Mamluk dynasty?
Ans. Quthubudhhin Aibak

9. Which among the following is an administrative Capital of South Africa?
Ans. Pretoria

10. Who Is CEO Of Dream 11?
Ans. CEO Harsh Jain

11. Capital of Indonesia?
Ans. Jakartha

12. What is DCHP Full Form?
Ans. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

13. Mahavir Jain also Known as?
Ans. Vardaman Mahavir

14. Chemical Formula of Bleaching Powder?
Ans. Ca(Clo)2

15. Battel of Buxar?
Ans. 1764

16. Congress Convention Meeting held in which Year?
Ans. 1924

17. IBM CEO?
Ans. Arvind Krishna

18. Lower Jaw is Also known as?
Ans. Mandible

19. Trackball Is Which Type Of Device?
Ans. Input Device

20. Which is the 29th State to be formed in India?
Ans. Telangana

21. 15th Finance Commission Chairman?
Ans. N.K.Singh

22. Republic Book Written by?
Ans. Plato

23. President of America?
Ans. Donald Trump

24. Which of the following is Mettaloid?
Ans. Silica

25. Which state produces the Highest No. of Gold?
Ans. Karnataka

26. Yojana included in Guinness Book of World Record?
Ans. Sambhal Yojana

27. What Is Salt Formula?
Ans. Nacl (Sodium Chloride)

28. Bengal Divison in which Year?
Ans. 1905

29. Constituent of Plastic?
Ans. Compounds of Carbon

30. What is Head quarter of OECD?
Ans. Paris

31. India’s First Nuclear Reactor?
Ans. Apsara

32. Nipha Virus Spread in which state?
Ans. Kerala

33. Best Actor Award 2020?
Ans. Ranbeer Singh

34. Which former CJI nominated to Rajyasabha?
Ans. Ranjan Gogi

35. Dadabai Nauroji composed which Paper?
Ans. Rast Goffthar

36. First Fort built by British in India?
Ans. St.George Fort

37. Which is the Secondary Pollutant?
Ans. Ozone

38. Which State Longest Coastline in India?
Ans. Gujrat

39. Recipient of Rajiv Gandhi Khel Rathna Award?
Ans. Rohith Sharma

40. 2022 Common Wealth games Hosted by which country?
Ans. England


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